Demi van Venrooij (1998),
is a graphic designer based in Arnhem, NL

As a designer I am interested in conceptual design and storytelling with a love for film and book design. In my work I takes inspiration from pop culture, media, performance arts and the thousands of films and series I watch all at the same time. I use these phenomenon to form and show my own opinion on them through the use of design. Besides this, I like to watch other people build houses in The Sims 4 and obsess over my cats.


2021 What is Present [graduation exhibition] at ArtEZ Arnhem
2021 Graduated Graphic Design [HBO] at ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem
Sep - Dec 2020 All-round internship at Onomatopee Projects
2019 'Algorithmic Fitness' [exhibition] at Motel Spatie, Arnhem
2018 'Reclaim the Streets' [poster contest] at Affiche Gallery The Hague & 3sec Gallery Breda
2017 'Ruimtekoers' [exhibition] in Kronenburg, Arnhem
2017 Started Graphic Design [HBO] at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Arnhem
2017 Graduated Graphic Design [MBO] from Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht

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