Do Not Disturb (or please do) is the 2021 DBKV graduation catalog from ArtEZ Arnhem.

The catalog plays with the statement presented in title, Do Not Disturb (or please do). Wanting to stay in your own bubble but also search for connection. The catalog plays the notion of hiding and revealing through the use of transparency. The outside pages show the images of the works of the student, while the inside pages show the stories behind the works. With the use of the page still being folded on top the viewer opens to the inside revealing to text, allowing to please do disturb and connect with the student and their work.

A collaboration with Demi Mol
Made posssible by Allard Koers and the 2021 DBKV graduation students

Book design, concept
Modern Love is a short film told from the perspective of the computer as it looks at my desktop behaviour and in the process at me. Where this starts as admiration and love it quickly turns to jealousy and neglect.

Modern Love tells the story about the way we are connected to our devices and how connected we are with them. Espesially in times when our computer was the only device we could communicate through.

Time-Based Media
Watch the full video on Vimeo
A collection of data Facebook had of me from the moment I opened my account in 2015 till I deleted it in 2018. Shown in the collection are the chats and metadata recieved with the download. Over the data there are risoprinted chatbubbles to try and hide my data.

Book, concept, production
you and it are always together.
and if not,
you're reaching for it.

can you stop looking? tells the story of the relationship we have with the devices that are closest to us. The video work explores the fictive story told from the perspective of the user reflecting towards the computer through dance, movement and lighting. What if our computers start to get feelings towards us? What if the computer gets a voice? An opinion? A human-like brain? What if we start treating the computer as our equal?

Performed by Johanna Sauer & Mariona Vinyes Rafols

Time-based media
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Pictures found on the internet from Pussy Riot's 2018 World Cup protest were taken back to the 'essence' in a fictive collaboration between Pussy Riot and art movement De Stijl. Three models all wearing black with a balaclava on, the model in the middle representing Pussy Riot. The imagery to create this publication are printed with the use of a riso machine, only using blue, red and yellow inks, building slowly, one layer at a time.

A collaboration with Douwe van der Werf
Limited to an edition of 25, riso printed
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Book, photography
Based on a scene from the FX anthology series 'American Crime Story: The Assasination of Gianni Versace' the short film looks into the legacy of Versace.

What do you leave behind and who will keep that alive. It uses found footage and audio of a 1995 Versace fashion show and snippets from an interview when he was still alive. It also features footage from the capsule collection his sister Donatella created to honour her brother after 20 years of his death. Mixed with footage of Gianni Versace's crime scene.

Time-Based Media
Watch the full video on Vimeo