In 2018 Russian music/activist group Pussy Riot came in the news for protesting at the World Cup of football where Putin was attending. In this serie of photographs, poses from their world cup protest are depicted, how they get guided/forced of the field by guards. Pictures found on the internet from this protest were taken back to the essence in a fictive collaboration between Pussy Riot and art movement De Stijl. Three models all wearing black with a balaclava on, the models representing the guards wear black ones and the model representing Pussy Riot the orange one. The imagery to create this publication are printed with the use of Riso, only using blue, red and yellow inks, building slowly, one layer at a time.

A collaboration with Douwe van der Werf
Limited to an edition of 25, riso printed
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Book, photography, 2018
Modern Love tells a love story.
A short film told from the perspective of the laptop as it looks at me and my desktop behaviour, where it starts as admiration and love it quickly turns to jealousy and neglect. Near the end I keep pushing and pushing before eventually the laptop can't do it anymore.

Turn up the audio for the full expierence.

Video, 2020
As of July 2017, French president Marcron is trying to mediate in peace talks between Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj of the internationally recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli and Marshal Khalifa Haftar of the self-styled Libyan National Army.France is very nationalistic. But most importantly; it’s a democracy. Lybia is a country who (in the middle of a civil war) are striving for a democracy and freedom of speech.This book shows slogans from French protest culture, translated to Arabic with French footnotes.

Book, 2017
Starting from a scene in the FX series The Assasination of Gianni Versace the film looks into the legacy of Versace. What do you leave behind and who will keep that alive. It uses found footage and audio of a 1995 Versace fashion show and snippets from an interview when he was still alive. It also features footage from the capsule collection his sister Donatella created to honour her brother after 20 years of his death. Mixed with footage of Gianni Versace's crime scene.

Turn up the audio for the full expierence.

Video, 2019
Redesign of the second issue of Aspen Magazine, The White Box. The concept of the book design is based of it's name, The White Box. Where use of white space is very important. The images almost feel like a collection of family pictures, so given the pictures the space to claim their spot and to really guide you through the book.

A collaboration with Demi Mol
Book, 2020
Creating a typeface using the shape of the body. The work uses the old silent film Scapegoat by Buster Keaton to find letters in the shapes of his body.

Video, 2018
A webzine consisting of 10 random chapters of fanfiction from Wattpad (an online reading/writing platform). It highlights different words (using a python script) that come back in every story to show the structure of writing. The boxes on the side are comments left by users.

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Webzine, 2019
Redesign of the essay Future; Imperfect by Rick Poynor. It progresses from the perfect way of designing to a imperfect one using the grid systems by Joseph Muller-Brockmann.

From Typeset: A Reader (Second Edition)
Book, 2019
The topic of this publication opens up the question of the differences in our backgrounds and how these differences influence our design. It uses pictures of our childhood, as we all grew up in different countries (Iraq, Belarus and The Netherlands), as childeren we have mostly the same pictures taken of us, being in the bathtub or being with family. Instead of showing the similairities we focus on the differences. Over the riso-printed details are personal essays reflecting on past works of ours. The publication is designed as old letters from the past with handwritten titles and subtitles on the back of the paper.

A collaboration with Polina Titova and Tofe Al-Obaidi
Publication, 2019
Using the data of my Facebook account from the moment I opened my account in 2015 to when I deleted it in 2018. Shown are the chats and the metadata that I recieved with my download. Chatbubbles are riso printed over the text, to again try and hide my data.

Book, 2019
A redesign of the book Logic: Deduction, Induction by Carver Read. Based on a system to calculate the amount of pages, the book is unbound and folded together.

Book (A2 folded), 2018
With the aesthetics of foodporn and the use of language. Food is shown form the country it originally comes from in that specific language. While exploring tastes, textures and visuals.

Publication, 2019
A collection of video's trying to bring my passion for musical theatre into the work I make as a designer. Through a video research I look at the ways I can implement theatre into video work, with the use of greenscreen, editing, color and typography.

Video works, 2020