1. Girl Almighty

written by user scooby-snacks taken from ‘No Control (book 1)’

March 2015

I had just opened the door on my way into my flat whenIfelt my phone start to vibrate in my bag.Ifished around for it while clumsily shutting the door behind me with my foot and dropping my keys on the table.Ipulled the phone out and swiped to answer it. “Hey Callie.” “Jess! I’ve been tryingyoufor an hour! Why haven’tyoupicked up?!” Callie demanded. “You knowIget no network on the tube,”Ireplied, heading into the kitchen and opening the fridge. “Gross.”Icould hear the pout in Callie’s voice. “What’s the matter?”Iasked, tucking the phone between my ear and shoulder asIpulled last night’s leftover chilli out and put it in the microwave. “I needyouto come to some house party tonight with me. James has asked me to meet him there butIwon’t know anyone apart from him andIneed safety in numbers.” James was Callie’s boyfriend of a couple of months. They were currently still in the staring-into-each-other’s-eyes, permanent-hand-holding, can’t-go-five-minutes-without-kissing honeymoon period.Iwas happy for her, but it was undeniably nauseating to watch. “Really?”Ireplied, unenthusiastically. “I’ve had a long week at work andIwas kind of looking forward to a night on the sofa with a cup of tea-” Callie snorted, cutting me off. “Christ, Jessyousound about forty. It’s Friday night, you’re single, and there will more than likely be loads of fit men there. Have a shower, wash your hair, make yourself look hot” (she emphasised this) “and I’ll pickyouup in a taxi at eight.” “I haven’t got anything to wear,”Iprotested halfheartedly, knowing from experience thatIhad already lost this argument. “Your black skinnies, your black Louboutins and that off the shoulder topyouwore to my sister’s birthday meal last month,” Callie replied immediately. She had clearly anticipated my reluctance and was forearmed. “I don’t thinkIcan face heels,”Imoaned.

“They make your legs look like they go up to your armpits.Ineedyouto look sexy as hell,” Callie insisted. “Wavy hair, smoky eyes, red lips. The whole hog.” “Bloody hell, what’s the big deal? It’s just a house party,”Isighed asIflopped onto the sofa and flicked the television on. “Get your arse off the sofa and get in the shower!” Callie snapped. “You never know whenyoumight meet the man of your dreams. Always be prepared. Best underwear and everything.”Ilaughed out loud at this. “How doyouknow I’m on the sofa? Anyway, Harry Styles is hardly going to show up at a random house party is he?” “Oh, bloody Harry Styles again,” Callie sniffed, andIcould practically hear her rolling her eyes. “Just make the effort. I’ll seeyouat eight.” Ishould probably take this opportunity to explain myself.Iam twenty-two years old, live and work in London, and my guilty pleasure is One Direction. Well, Harry Styles to be precise.Itook my then-thirteen-year-old sister to a concert on their Take Me Home tour two years ago as a birthday treat with 2 of her friends, and it kick-started my obsession.Iknow,Iknow; I’m way too old to be screaming over a pop band like a teenager, but seriously,Ihave got it so bad for Harry Styles. Everyone who knows me thinks I’m a lunatic.Ihave notifications switched on for whenhetweets and everything. Speaking of which… My twitter alert sounded, andIpicked up my phone from whereIhad dropped it wearily beside me after Callie’s call.

@Harry_Styles Excited to be back on British soil for a couple of weeks. Australia, Japan,youwere amazing .x

I had seen on the Daily Mail app that the boys were due home for a week in between touring; apparently they had landed.Ilooked again at the tweet. It already had sixteen thousand favourites and nineteen thousand retweets.Ishook my head in disbelief.Ididn’t understand how anyone could cope with that level of adoration. Then again,Ididn’t understand how anyone could be quite that drop-dead-gorgeous. It was all relative, really.Isighed, plugged my phone in to charge and went into the bathroom to run a bath. While it was filling up,Iwent to my wardrobe and flipped through the hangers looking for something to wear.Ismiled to myself asIended up selecting the exact outfit Callie suggested. The jeans and Louboutins did wonders for my legs and the top showed off my shoulders.Ilaid them out ready, stuck Midnight Memories on my iPod and headed back into the bathroom for a long soak.Iwas ready by quarter to eight.Ihad blow-dried my hair into soft waves, gone for a smoky look around my eyes and finished it off with some cherry lipgloss. I’d quickly wolfed down my dinner, and indulged in a glass of wine to get me in the mood. WhileIwas waiting,Ifired a quick text to Callie. To: Callie: Ready now. You never told me whose party it was? x A minute later my phone pinged. From: Callie: It’s a guy called Josh. Apparently he’s one of Nick Grimshaw’s mates or something?!?! x

I almost dropped my phone in shock.Istared numbly at the screen for a couple of minutes and then tapped a reply back, my heart thumping. To: Callie: The Radio 1 DJ???? Harry Styles’ mate????? Where are you? xx Her response was almost immediate. From: Callie: Yes and YES GET OVER HIM. In cab. Wow.Icouldn’t believe that Callie was going out with someone who knew someone who might know Nick Grimshaw who could potentially introduce me to Harry Styles! (I know,Iknow, it would never never actually happen, but my deluded inner fangirl secretly believes one day it might). To: Callie: I’m cool. Hurry up xx From: Callie: Outside  And as if on cue, a cab horn sounded outside the window.Igrabbed my keys and bag, shut the door behind me and walked down the stairs to the waiting car. “WOW!” Callie squealed, beaming, asIopened the door and slid in beside her. “Bloody hell Jess,youlook absolutely amazing!” “Thanks,”Ismiled. “You look pretty great yourself.” The cab swung around and headed in the direction of Primrose Hill. After about 15 minutes it pulled up outside a big house on a leafy street, with a sweeping driveway and a fountain on the front lawn. “Fancy,”Iremarked, impressed. We climbed out of the car and Callie paid the driver, flashing him a cheeky smile as she waited for her change.Iadjusted my hair and tucked my bag under my arm as we walked up the driveway, the sound of laughter and conversation drifting towards us from the house in the evening air. “You are looking seriously foxy,” Callie observed, looking me up and down. “Ten out of ten for effort.” “Yeah alright, you’ll make me blush,”Iteased, and she grinned and linked arms with me as we negotiated the gravel in unsuitable heels, and finally stepped onto smooth paving. She let go of my arm and walked on ahead of me, between two mighty, white pillars and up a couple of steps to the front door. “By the way, Harry Styles is going to be here tonight,” she said casually, and rang the bell.


written by user heartbreakwriter taken from ‘Indigo // BTS Mafia AU’

I was running faster thanIthought my feet could go. They were gaining on me andIcouldn’t let myself get caught. I’d been at this for two years now andIstill hadn’t been caught; today was not going to be the day that changed. My hard footfalls echoed though the alleyway asIran for my life. IfIcould only get my pursuers separated, thenIcould pick them off one by one. Whenyouhave twenty men onyouat once your survival rate goes down quite a lot.Idecided to turn right, running down another alleyway that was darker and not as wide. It seemed to do the trick because the footsteps behind me got quieter, meaning some of the men behind me had gone the other way. SuddenlyIturn behind a dumpster and hide, waiting for my pursuers to run by. When the first one doesIleap out and attack him.Hemakes a strangled noise asIattach myself to his back and quickly put him into a choke hold.Hegoes to sleep in my arms andIlet him fall.

The next guy is immediately on me, throwing a punch at my face thatIeasily block. These must not be the top of the line guys. With a kick to his stomachhestumbles back, groaning in pain.Itake his moment of weakness to grab his head and bring my knee to it, not hard enough to kill him, buthewas out like a light for sure.Istop as two guys are on both sides of me, ready to attack. Game on. The one behind me charges first, grabbing my back and holding me as the one in front tries to attack me with a knife placed clearly in his hand. Using the support of the guy holding me from behindIkick my legs up and knock the knife out of the guys hand, it clatters to the ground.Ithen kick my leg back into the one who’s holding me’s crotch.Heimmediately releases me andIhave time to grab a small throwing knife from my boot. One of them was running away.Iquickly threw the knife with perfect aim at the first mans right leg, making him crumble to the floor, screaming in pain. The guy id kicked where the sun doesn’t shine reached for me again but stopped whenIsuddenly pulled my gun from my belt and raised it at his face.Hefroze, unmoving, but it didn’t last long.Helunged andImoved my gun down, shooting him twice, once in the crotch and another in the foot. My ears filled with his sudden cries of pain.Itook off running again, this time getting away from those that were after me. The rest of my wayIwalked, blending in among the crowd, all the way home. WhenIreached the mansion on the hill,Iwalked up, and saw there were no guards. ImmediatelyIpulled out my gun, turning off the safety and holding it close to my body. Slowly,Iwalked through my not usually open gates. WhenIreached my front door it was open, teasing me, letting me know there were unwelcome guests inside. WhenIopened the door widerIsaw them all, andIdropped my gun down, smirking at the faces in front of me. “Have fun looking for her?”Iask them, my voice as usual muffled from the mask on my face. The four masked men sitting at my dinning table glare at me, clearly not happy they’d gotten me away from the house to look, and still found nothing. “Where is she?” Namjoon snaps.Iheld up my hands and shrugged. SlowlyIwalked over to them, knowing they wouldn’t kill me, they didn’t have what they needed, andIknew where it, or really, she was. “Beats me,”Ishrug, taking a seat across from them all, keeping my distance. “Is this a game to you?” Yoongi eyes me angrily.Iroll my eyes at him,hewas my least favorite of this team. Bangtan. That was their unit, the most advanced and dangerous group from the Kim family, and yet, they never got me. “Yoongi darling this whole thing is a game,”Iscoff. Yoongi looks as if he’s about to reach over strangle me right then and there, butIknewhewouldn’t, we weren’t fighting, yet. “Just tell us where she is Indigo,” Hoseok growls. “Wow,”Ishake my head. “Of course, after two years of protecting her I’m just going to give her up just becauseyouasked, makes sense.”

“We’ll find her,” Jimin eyes me. “You can’t keep her hidden forever.” “What’s the big deal with her? She’s nothing special,”Ishrug. “You’ve been chasing her for what? Five years?”Isaying teasingly, earning eye rolls from all four boys. “You couldn’t get her when she had no one protecting her, and now I’m here andyouthinkyoucan? There’s no logic there boys andyouknow it.” Namjoon looks at the three boys with him and gives a little nod.Ibrace myself in my chair, knowing we were done talking; they had grown tired of my quips. Right as Hoseok jumped up, knife in hand,Idid so too.Heslammed the knife into the table where my hand had been and it stuck. Whilehewas flusteredIjumped onto the table and kicked his hand that was still clutching the knife.Hegroaned in pain but grabbed at my legs.Igrabbed a hold of the chandelier then, pulling myself up and out of Hoseoks grasp. With my new angleIkicked him square in the jaw and jumped down, running from the room.Iheard the footsteps behind me andIturned, just dodging Jimins attempt to grab me.Heran past me and Yoongi was now in front of me, ready to take me down.Helunged andImoved,Iswung andhedodged, it was a never ending cycle. But then Jimin tried to attack me from behind, andIraised my elbow backwards, hitting him right in the nose.Hefell back andIkicked him in the stomach, sending him falling to the ground. Yoongi’s attention was now on Jimin, not me. So,Itook this opportunity to lunge at his stomach. With all my strengthIgrabbed him and pushed him back hard into a mirror that shattered immediately on impact. Yoongi pulled a small pocket knife from his back pocket.Iwas fast but not fast enough.Ialmost dodged it but wasn’t quick enough, earning myself a slash along my abdomen, making me hiss in pain asIfelt the blood coming from my wound. In angerItook Yoongi by the hair and threw his head back into the wall hard, his eyes closed after that. It was only Namjoon left then, andIknewhecouldn’t get that dirty,hewas the Kim Boss, the Kim’s only heir. Even thoughhewas still pretty younghehad already taken the boss position.Hereaches for his gun butIknock it out of his hand the secondhehad it.Icould end it all, the whole Mafia war between the Fey’s and the Kim’s right now. Namjoon was unarmed, vulnerable;Ihad the upper hand.Icould kill him right now, butIwasn’t going to. “You have about five minutes until Raymond Fey and his men are here,”Idrop my voice low, trying to intimidate the much taller man in front of me. “And they won’t be so sparing.”Iwatch Namjoon gulp and look at his friends, either groaning on the ground or out like a light.Helooks back at me and frowns.

“Why don’tyoujust kill me?”Heasks. It was a completely valid question. Out of the two years I’d been fighting with his group and his family this was the first time I’d had the chance to actually kill him, to do something.Hejust didn’t understand, that wasn’t whoIwas. “I don’t kill,”Isay darkly. “It’s not my decision whether someone lives or dies.” Namjoon looks at me as ifhedoesn’t believe me, and that was fine,hedidn’t have to. But it was the truth, I’d never killed anyone in my life. “You have three minutes now,”Ismirk at Namjoon.Hegoes over to his friends, picking them up and heading for the door. The ones that can walk do, buthecarries Yoongi. With one last look at me he’s gone, and I’m left alone in my now trashed home. They were looking for the Mafia Princess, but we kept her hidden. She’s been in hiding for five years, no ones seen her since she was thirteen years old. We hid her because of how much the Kim’s wanted her, to use her to end the war. To kill her. Raymond Fey couldn’t have that sohemade sure no one would ever find her. Sometimes the best hiding spot, is in plain sight.


written by user mollyannabelleh taken from ‘Nursemaid //h.s’

Mr. Styles- Eloise has an appointment today at noon.Ilooked up at the clock on the wall and sighed, “Thanks a lot.”Imumbled to myself, and then looked over into the playroom where Eloise currently was, “Ellie, let’s get your shoes on!” With bouncy golden brown curls and stunning green eyes, little Eloise May Styles whipped her head around to see me, “Ca?” Since she was only a year old, Eloise couldn’t enunciate words and sounds very well, but she was trying her hardest. There were some words that she knew very well, and car just happened to be one of them. Ever sinceIstarted this job about a month and a half ago,Ilearned a lot about Eloise and how her brain worked, and that made it easier for me to understand her.Iwanted to know what she wanted whenever she tugged on my hand so thatIcould keep her happy and satisfied, but that wasn’t always an easy thing to do since she was just a baby, almost a toddler.Islipped on my black coat asIwatched Eloise attempt to put her own shoes on, but fail. She had the right shoe on the left foot as usual, but she looked intent on proving to me that it was the right fit. The way that her brown eyebrows furrowed together reminded me of a certain somebody who lives in this house and never smiles, andIfound joy in that.

The two looked and sometimes even acted so alike, but only in this scenario where Eloise looked determined. Truth us,Istill didn’t know a thing about Mr. Styles other thanhewas a single father who was also a renowned psychiatrist, and that his ex-wife is currently on vacation with her fifty-year old boyfriend. Mr. Styles made it abundantly clear thathedidn’t want to talk about her, andInever questioned it. “Help!” Eloise called out to me, andIjust smiled while walking over to help her with the shoes. She sat still and watched me intently asIrearranged her shoes and then tied up the laces, to which she commented, “Up, up!” Her little hands reached out for me, andIcomplied without hesitation to pick her up.Ididn’t mind holding her which was a good thing, because she absolutely loved being carried around despite being able to walk now. Granted, Eloise wasn’t super great at walking, but she could get around pretty decent for more than thirty seconds on her own. Apparently Mr. Styles is notorious for always carrying her around and never wanting to put her down, butIlearned that it’s not becausehedoesn’t want her to be independent, but it was becausehedidn’t want her to get into any trouble. She was a baby, so that was going to be unavoidable, but that’s whyIwas hereIsuppose.Inever thought thatIwould end up being a nursemaid for one of respected doctor, andIalso never thoughtIwould be attracted to him as well. It’s true. Mr. Styles quickly became the object of my affections afterIstarted working for him.Inever let my feelings show, never acted on my emotions, and did my best to keep it strictly professional between us to keep things from getting awkward.Ireally enjoyed the job despite Mr. Styles being kind of difficult to please, and then there was the frustration thathecaused me wheneverhetold me important information at the last minute, like now. It was a half an hour until Eloise’s appointment, andIwas doing my best to get her there without being late.Icould say something passive aggressive towards Mr. Styles later on about this inconvenience, but what good would that do ifhewas the one signing my paychecks every week? Telling him off could lead me to being out of a job, and royally screwed in every way possible, soIcouldn’t risk pissing him off.

SinceIstarted this job,Ilearned that it was best to just go along with whatever Mr. Styles threw at me, even if it caused me stress, because talking to him was an impossible thing to do. It was oddly ironic thatIcould never seem go get through to him despite his job being based on communication, butIguesshejust preferred being a man of few words when it came to his personal life. There wasn’t really anything wrong with it, butIfelt likeIneeded to know more about him in order for this job to work out.Ihated not knowing the man thatIworked for, but most of all,Ihated thatIwould only ever be a nursemaid to him.

001: Ow,Ithought this jerk was dead

written by user hwanged taken from ‘The Bad Roommate’

You dragged your suitcase across the hallway. God,Ihate this already. You smiled and waved at everyone, hearing their comments thatyouweren’t supposed to hear. “Yah~ She’s so pretty!!” “Whoever is her roommate is a lucky man..” “Puberty hit hard. And early.” Disgusting.Ican hear them. You continued down the hall untilyoucame to your room. You opened the door and was relieved to see that it was well kept and clean. It was really fancy. You put down your heavy bags at the first bed and took your shoes off, your feet aching. Yawning,yourolled around on the carpet like a cat. Ah,Ihate putting on such a face but this is my school image now. My highschool debut! You rolled around, loosening yourself and relaxing now thatyouwere alone. You hit something Or someone. Taking a glance,yousaw a foot. You jumped and hit your precious side on the table. You then winced and proceeded to rub it, rolling in pain. “Ow~!!” You groaned in pain. You sat up and rubbed it one more time before looking at the body. Is it dead? You knelt at the head that was covered in a hood. You could only see part of his face butyoucould tellhewasn’t moving. You put your hands together and closed your eyes. Poor soul. “I’m not dead, pabo.” The body grabbed your hands and pulled you, flippingyouover instantaneously, landingyouon the floor with a loud thump. Oww,Ithought this jerk was dead! You opened your eyes up and a handsome face met yours. His jawline was sharp, his eyes were half open but still gaveyouthat stare girls call sexy and his fringe covered his eye brows.

Wait. This random guy whoIthought was dead is right now pinning me to the ground. You struggled in his grip ashestood on all fours above you. Uh, awkward position.. “Get off me pervert! I’ll scream.” You threatened, looking him in the eye asyoupushed him off.Heflew back and sat on the bed, messing his fringe up. “Be quiet. Who areyouand what areyoudoing in my room?”Hegrumbled. You got up and sat on your bed, facing him.Heglanced up and rolled his eyes. Oh this brat. “First of all, who areyouand what wereyoudoing on the floor? Second of all, this is our room I’m guessing by the beds. Can’tyoucount up to two?” You sarcastically commented, annoyed at his body posture that was screaming with attitude.Heclucked his tongue and held his head. “I can count, I’m not a pabo. My name is Jungkook.Iwas lying on the floor becauseIprobably fell off while sleeping. Now your turn.” Jungkook, or so he’s called, muttered with an irritated tone. Your right eye twitched. This kid had some nerve… “I’m (y/n).Ican’t believe I’m sharing a room with an attitude filled jerk like you.” You scoffed, not pleased with how your first day went. “What a coincidence. Likewise.” Jungkook returned, flopping onto his back on the bed. You turned your head and ignored him. I’m already starting to hate highschool. Ugh. You arranged your clothing into your closet and prepared your desk. Good good. Jungkook had already done so. You checked the clock and noticed the time.

Ah, so late,Ishould take a bath and cook dinner. You grabbed the needed toiletries and headed to the bathroom. It was warm and prepared. You turned back and glared at the boy who was lounging around on the office chair. “Don’t. You. Dare. Come. In.” You glared, inhaling deeply.Helaughed and held his hand up in question. “Sorry… Who would want to see your ugly body? No one would get turned on anyways.” Jungkook commented, smirking an evil playboy smirk. You turned red in anger and embarrassment.Iswear he’s going to die soon! “I’ll kill you.” You threatened once again, turning away. “Right…”Hechuckled, nodding his head slowly. You slammed the door and locked it. What is with this rude boy!! You took off your clothes and had a bath. Getting into your nightwearyoucame out and found Jungkook on his phone. You ignored him and walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge. Yougrabbed out some foods and cooked some fish.

You put it on the table and served rice. Jungkook came into the kitchen wearing a singlet and shorts. You turned red because it was revealing. You looked away and ate. “Oh. You can cook.”Hemumbled. “Obviously. Andyoucan’t?” You threw back.Hesat down and served himself rice. You both ate in tense awkward silence. “Y’know. This is actually good.”Hecomplimented, stuffing large portions into his mouth. “Thanks…” You muttered under your breath, a little taken aback at his good side. Sohedoes have a good side? Oh whatever, he’s a jerk 99.9% anyways.

HEY ALL SO THIS IS ME RIGHT NOW REVAMPING THE BOOK, ALL YOUR TARGETED COMMENTS ARE NOW REGULAR SO IM SORRY NOW ITS COFUSINH. YEAH BUT HEYICHANGED IT TO (Y/N) BECAUSEIFEEL GUILTY AF TO THOSE WHO ARENT USED TO IT AmIdoing good for a fanfiction? It’s probably really bad. Oh well.Iplan to make like seven books like this. Only afterImake every one though. So after thisIwill make, The Alien Roommate Taehyung Fanfiction Its like a roommate series. Anyways bye~!!! WELL HELLO THAT ^ WAS 2017/2018 ME WHENIWAS MAJOR WEEB (i still am) BUT THE ALIEN ROOMMATE gasp DOESNT EXIST ANYMORE its just unpublished dw The NEW taehyung fanfiction is: The Weird Roommate gaaaaaaasp but yes read that ^ bc itll probably have a WAY easier to follow plot line than the Alien roommate

Chapter 1: First Day

written by user btsarmyjeon taken from ‘Bad Boys Likes Me? [J.k ff]’

Y’all please don’t judge asIsaid before this is my first book and mite be not as good as u think but at least try to read. Thank youuu “WAKE UP!!!”Ijumped and screamed asIfelt my hair being yanked. “YOU ARE SO USELESS!!” My father screamed at me.Heleft and banged on the door.Istood up from my bed and felt my belly grumble.Ihaven’t eaten since yesterday morning.Istood up and went to take a shower.Icame out of the bathroom and picked out a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket with a brown Timberlands and a hat.Ilooked into my mirror and raised up my shirt and looked and the raw bruisesIhad from last night. Ever since my mother died,Igot blamed and abused by my dad.Ilooked at them and began to cry. “I’m so ugly,”Ithought.Itook some concealer and hid the bruises on my face and a little eye liner. I’m not a big fan of makeup.Iwalked downstairs and carefully looked for my dad before dashing out of that hellhole. But nothing ever changes.Iwalked toward school as people started whispering and saying things about me. What canIsay? I’m accustomed. Why didIdeserve such a life?!?!Iwas too caught up in my thoughts whenIbounced into a muscular chest and fell on my butt.

“Hey!!!! Watch whereyouare going!!!!!”. Well guess who it was…..the one and only Jeon Jungkook. “Ohhh! Well u look at who it is? The ugly nerd Y/n!”Helaughed.Istood up and was about to leave until a feminine hand came and and wrapped around my arm.Iwasn’t surprised at who it was. Kim Yerin the most popular girl in school and obviously the girlfriend of the most popular guy Jungkook. " How ruudeee?!!!" Sh yelled in my face. “My Jungkookiee!!!,Imissed you,” and kissed him and well no hesitationhekissed back.Ifelt like vomiting. Why wouldyouhave a make out session in front of the school????Icleared my throat as they heads snapped in my direction. By now a crowd formed around us. Yerin pushed me against the lockers asIwinced slightly cuz of my bruises. Jungkook came towards me and said," Listen hear slut!!!!!,youdon’t disrupt me when I’m with Yerin or areyoujealous????,"Iremained quiet. I’m not much of a speaker. Yerin came and slapped me across the face. Tears welled in my eyes. “Ohh look she wants to cry and she can’t speak cuz her mommy-,” she was cut off. “STOP!!!!!!!”Iheard a familiar voice shouted. “Jungkook stop this crap…noww!!!” “Awww look its her saviour…Kim Eunho.” Eunho bent down and took my hand, " Areyouokay??" " I’m fine,"Ireplied.Heturned to Jungkook and was balled his fists and was about to hit him but Kai came just in time. “WOAH!!!! Calm down!”Hesaid to Eunho. “Hi Jungkook,” Kai waved. Kai and Jungkook don’t hate each other.Imean they just say hi and have small conversations amongst themselves. “Nothing to see here people!”Heyelled. “Why don’tyoujust leave?!?!?!” Eunho yelled in Jungkook’s face. Jungkook just smirked and walked away with his arms around Yerin.

Eunho immediately turned around. “AreyouOk?!!Didhehurt you?!!”Hescreamed. “I think my ears are hurt cuz’ of your SCREAMING!!!!!”Ireplied, yelling the last part.Hejust laughed and hugged me. Eunho was like a big brother to me since we were little.Hewas there for me when my mother died.Hefound out about my abusive dad afterhefound me crying one day andIjust let it out.Hethreatened to call police butIprevented him.Heis just there whenIneed him. “Hmmhmmm,” someone besides us cleared his throat. “I’m here too yuh knows????” Kai interupped. “DoIget a hug too??”Heasked excitedly opening his arms in front me. “Nahhhh,”Iturned.Hefaked cried and reasoned, " Hey, if it wasn’t for me Eunho would have been lying nearly dead on the floor." “HEYYY!!!!!! THAT’S NOT TRUEE!!Ican take care of myself against that bastard,” Eunho complained. “OH REALLYYY?!?!?!? Well..-” “STOP YOU TWO!!!”Icut him off. "Iswear I’m the oldest one here,youtwo get on like five year olds." Bell rang signalling the start of classes.Ihad my first class with Kai. Both boys walked me to class andIhugged Eunho before going," BYE OPPAAA!!!!!"Iyelled. “Bye Y/n! Seeyouat lunch,”hewaved. “I swearyoutwo are a couple sometimes,”Iheard Kai said behind me. For a momentIswearIsaw just a hint of jealousy in his eyes butIdidn’t take it on. Well….what an eventful Monday morning on the first day of school.

Well..that is chapter one y’all.ImeanIhopedIdid well. Right now I’m not sure I’ll be updating all the time cuzIhave exams going on RITE now SOO but wen holidays come I’ll load you.. .hopefully. Don’t forget to comment, vote and follow. THANK UUU Until next chapter………


written by user jeonerous taken from ‘bad boy | jjk’

your pov “So how are you?” Jae-eun asked. She asks this everyday.Ijust wonder if she’s really my friend or my therapist. “I’m fine.”Imuttered. “You know,Ireally wonder if you’re my therapist because that’s howyoutreat me whenever we’re together.”Igrumbled. As much asIloved her for being there for me when no one else was,Ijust want a friend. Not a mother figure. “I’m sorry,Ijust really care foryouY/N, I’m afraid that you’ll do something especially since that…”Itook a deep breath. “Canyoujust stop saying that? It’s been well over years and as much asIcan’t let it goIdon’t want to keep being reminded of it.”Iput my hands into fists. She nodded, staying quiet.Iloved her, she’d never mean push my buttons but sometimes she slips and says things that,Idon’t want to be reminded of. Lunch is basically my favorite subject. Although it’s actually not even a subject, I’d consider it one. It’s really the only timeIget to relax and unwind from my day. Lunch was coming to an end. The cafeteria got quiet as seven of the, andIquote, “hottest and baddest” boys of Seoul High walked in. They wore black masks over their faces, which covered half of their faces. One had it covering almost his whole face, barely seeing his eyes.Iwonder howhesaw.

I couldn’t see who each of them were, especially since only their eyes showed.Iknew their names, sinceIcould literally hear the girls call their names in a weird fanchant order.Ionly knew since they’ve been walking around together since freshman year. “I really don’t understand what’s so special about them.”Imuttered under my breathe. Jae-eun didn’t even seem to be paying attention to me as she stared at the seven boys.Igrabbed her arm and shook her. She snapped her head to me and pushed my hand off, turning her head back.Icould see her drooling over them. “What’s so special about them? They’re just troublemakers that give no care to others.”Iscoffed. Jae-eun didn’t seem to hear me,Ishook my head asIstood up to throw away my trash. Not paying attention,Ibump into a hard wall. A wall in the middle of the cafeteria?Iopened my eyes, looking and seeing a pair of cold, brown eyes staring down at me. Jeon Jungkook. “I’m sorry,”Imumble asIstep to the right to throw my trash away.Iwas unable to reach to the trash can asheblocked my way. “Where doyouthink you’re going?”Heasked.Ipointed my eyes to the trash can, ashefollowed my gaze. walked over to a table near the trash can, grabbing a carton of milk that came from the cafeteria.Igulped asheopened it, taking a sip before pouring the rest on my hair.      My eyes widened as most of the students in the cafeteria took their phones out and recorded the humiliating moment. “Doyouthinkyoucan mess with me, princess?”Heasked, throwing the milk carton into the trash before laughing and walking back to his group of friends. Jae-woo walked up to him, putting her hand on his shoulder. My hair was drenched of milk while my shirt was soaked.Istood there for a good, long moment that felt like forever before Jae-eun grabbed my hand, taking me out of the spotlight. She pulled me out of the cafeteria and into the bathroom. She attempted to clean me up asIstood still, we both stayed quiet. “Why’dhedo that?” She asked, breaking the silence. “I don’t know.”Iwhispered. “I was throwing away my trash beforeIbumped into him.” Ifyouwere paying attention maybe to me instead of them, you’d know. “It’s whatever.”Ishook my head before grabbing a towel and helping her clean myself up.

The rest of the day went by, very slowly. Now thatIwent viral in our school, everyone would point at me and laugh.Ismelled like milk.Isaw a few members of Bangtan over the day in classes but they didn’t seem to care much. Over the years,Idid notice their behaviors. Kim Namjoon, the leader.Heseemed to be the one that broke up fights. Kim Seokjin.Henever really seemed immature, the opposite really.Inoticed that he’s the one that makes the jokes, but no one would laugh at them except girls trying to get his attention. Min Yoongi.Healways places his masks over his whole face except for a bit of his eyes. If onlyIcould do that in this moment.Heseems to slack off a lot and barely talk even when he’s around them. Jung Hoseok. Honestly,Iwould want to hang out with him to most out of the whole group.Heseems to be the most energetic one out of all six combined. Park Jimin. Two words, lover boy. Kim Taehyung. He’s confusing. Girls are always clinging to him but he’d always reject them. But his voice would make any girl submit to him ifyouasked me. Jeon Jungkook. As far asIknow, he’s the baddest one out of all of them. Even Min Yoongi. In my experience,hemight be younger than all of them by a few months, but he’s the one nobody wants to mess with. I’ve heard whispers about him changing after an accident whenhewas a child, butIdon’t believe it. How could someone be so cold?Isighed, closing my locker asIhurried to get home, wanting to get home the most after a rough day. My body collided with yet, another wall.Irubbed my head,Icould feel a bruise forming tomorrow. “We meet again, princess.”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


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Chapter 1.

written by user MysteryMixtapes taken from ‘Stall -|H.S| Harry Styles’

“High as the heavenly sea Low lays the devil in me”

2018. Three Years Later. “Expect the unexpected”

** “Fuck that hurts”hehisses through his teeth, andIbite down on my lip not to smile at how ridiculous he’s being. “It’s the first line,youneed to relax, focus on something else”Ireassure softly, brushing his long hair out of his face. “A kiss might help”hesmiles coyly, then immediately grimaces and curses as the tattooist continues with another line.Ismile sympathetically asIlean down and press a quick kiss to his soft lips “It’s only small, it won’t take long, Jacobs really fast”Iglance towards Jacob, who’s fighting rolling his eyes ashecontinues the tattoo. It’s literally only two words,Ihave no idea howhegot through his other tattoos if this is howheacted with them. “You know as my girlfriend you’re not meant to find it funny when I’m in pain”hehuffs out with his teeth clenched, watching my face asIbring my hand up to cover my mouth and hide my smile.Iclear my throat, wiping my hand away to show a serious expression “It’s not funny,Ipromise” “Shit!”hehisses again, his voice cracking at a high pitch, twitching at the pain he’s in.Isnort, slapping my hand over my mouth again, earning a glare from him. “Mateyouneed to keep still, otherwise this is going to say ‘Dag Free’ instead of ‘Drug Free’” Jacob says flatly, pausing the machine and trying his best to cover how fed upheis with tattooing my whining boyfriend.

I look at Jacob with an apologetic smile, mouthing ‘I’m sorry’, andhepresses his lips together shaking his head ashestarts tattooing again. Jacob was doing me a favour tattooing Andy,Imay have used the facthewas dating my best friend to my advantage to convince him to do it, consideringheisn’t the biggest fan of him. Andy is sweet, but his personality tends to rub some people the wrong way, Jacob definitely being one of those people,Iknow I’m going to owe him a lot for this. I’m already paying him double. “How aboutIgo getyoua drink, or something sweet to take your mind off it?”Isuggest, running my hands through his hair to try and sooth him. I’ll admit, he’s acting like a giant baby right now, it’s only on his wrist andIknow Jacob isn’t a heavy handed tattooist. Although…Iwouldn’t put it past him to be drilling the needle in a bit more just out of annoyance that he’s having to do this.Iwould have never thoughtIwould be someone that knew anything about tattoos, let alone have them myself. It’s amazing what can happen a few years. Andy nods, giving me a sad puppy look with those big brown eyes of his “That’d help,Ineed something, this is unbearable” Christ you’d think he’s giving birth, not getting a tattoo the size of a pack of gum.Ikeep my thoughts to myself at how dramatic he’s being, standing from my seat next to him “I’ll be back soon, it’ll be done beforeyouknow it”

Chapter 1

written by user floverdolsss taken from ‘Beautiful [A Grayson Dolan Story]’

Warning: This story may contain language, sexual content, trigger warnings, and mental and physical abuse. Continue at your own risk.


“What”Iyelled from inside the bathroom door.i was flat ironing my hair soIcan get ready to go to- “Oh my god hurry up” my younger sister Madison was annoyingly knocking on the door for me to get out.Irolled my eyes and opened it. “What doyouwant”Iwas getting annoyed, she had been doing that nonstop for 5 minutes. “Hurry up we are gonna be late,Istill need to get ready”Igathered my stuff and walked out leaving her the bathroom.Iwent to my room and applied light makeup, just mascara and gloss.Idon’t really do much anyway. Ahhhhyouare probably wondering whereIam going….. well I’m going back to hell. Today was the first day of school,Iam in my senior year now andIjust want to get it over with. Summer was funIguess, we spent the whole summer in Australia andIneeded that,Ineeded to get away from everything.Iwas dreading going back to school but it was my last year, my parents wouldn’t even let me transfer.Iwas thinking about what to wear when my phone ringed. “Hello”Ipicked up without checking who it was"

“Bitttcchhhh ahhh areyouready for school omg what areyougonna wear”Ichuckled knowing that voice anywhere “I’m dreading it,youknow how it was for me” honestly Jason was the most amazing and dramatic friend ever.Hehas such an exciting energy and was always so extra, but that’s probably because of his gay traits. Him and jazzy has stuck with me through the beginning and has always been by my side,Iam always grateful for them. “Oh come onIhave a good feeling about this year” "yousay that every year"Ifrowned Honestly this isn’t new “Kaitlynn” my mom yelled from down stairs “Sorry JasonIgotta go, seeyouat school”Ihanged up " coming mom give me a minute" " hurry up kaityouare going to be late" my mom yelled.Iopened my closet and looked for an outfit to wear.Isettled for a black thin strap dress, and added an orange jean jacket on top, you’ll never know if it will get cold in the classrooms. ThenIput on some black vans and quickly sprayed some perfume over me before grabbing by book bag and heading downstairs.

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" wowyoutake forever to get ready" Madison started rolling her eyes.Ishrugged her comment off before getting an apple from the kitchen counter. " tell me about it" my mom sighted " so guys your older sister is coming home to jersey today" my mom was exited " since she doesn’t start college for another two weeks she’s gonna be spending more time with us" " yay Diana’s coming what time" honestlyIam so glad my older sister is going to be spending more time with us. Yes she was in Australia with us the whole time, butIstill miss her, she’s in her last year of college now so she’s really busy. We are so close and we try to talk on the phone all the time but sometimesIjust need her here. " she will be here by the timeyouguys get out of school" " caint wait, what are we gonna do today when she comes" Madison said while putting her bowl in the sink. " ohIforgot to mention that the Dolans are coming over for dinner today"Ialmost chocked on my apple. " I’m sorry what"Ipractically yelled freaking out, no no no why them, why today. " kaitlynn be nice and don’t raise your voice" my mom said rolling her eyes. “Cameron’s back too so we though it would be nice to spend some time together. We haven’t seen them all summer” my mom and the dolans mom Lisa has been best friends since high school. They are inseparable and practically do everything together, but that also meansIhave to spend time with him. Grayson Dolan my worst enemy,hehas been bullying me since second grade because of my weight. He’s horrible andheeven got the whole school on it. Fatty katty, those horrible words keep replaying in my head. It was bad enough thatIhad to see him at school today but now he’s coming over.Igroaned out of fustration.

My mom looked at me and sighed “lookIknowyoudon’t really want to see Grayson but canyouplease just try and get along,Idon’t even know whyyouguys hate each other” my mom was too naive to see what was going on. All she knows is that we don’t get along but she doesn’t know what this boy has put me through. All the restless nights, dry tears, and emotional heartacheIhave been through.Ilooked at my mom then silently nodded my head. My mood suddenly feeling down. Why caint Grayson be like Ethan and Cameron, they are always so nice to me and didn’t treat me any differently, they made me comfortable and sometimes bring me up. Madison looks at me with eyes of concern, she has an idea of what has been going on. Even though we sometimes argue a lot we both do really cared for each other.Igave her a weak smile telling her I’m ok, when I’m really not. " honey canyouplease drive Madison to school I’m going to be late for work." My mom looks at me. Madison is 14 and she’s in the 8th grade, her middle school is not that far from my high school, maybe 5 minutes.

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" sureIdon’t mind, let’s go maddie"Itell her while grabbing my car keys.Ipulled out of my driveway getting ready to go to my sisters school and start my day.Isighed when we came to a stop light,Ilooked out the window taking in the fresh air. This is gonna be a long dayIthought to myself. ————— Authors Note: hey guys so this is the first part to my story. Please tell me ifyouliked it in the comments and what moreyouwant to see from me. Please me mindful that there may be some mistakes cause this is my first story. TbhImight not even continue sinceIdid it for fun but whatever.                                          Xoxo, the Author 🧡

Chapter 1: Introduced

written by user DowneysDuck taken from ‘Poison [Joker x Reader]’

9:37pmIwalked out of my friend Jenna’s house after a friendly get together.Icontinued to walk down the steps, then on the sidewalk to go home. My apartment was only one block away from Jenna’s apartment, andIdecided to stroll considering that it was such a beautiful night. But not for long.Iwas thinking to myself about what groceries i had to shop for tomorrow whenIsaw a purple Lamborghini speeding down the street. “Aw, that’s a cool car.”Iwhispered to myself, then continued walking not thinking much of it. Then the purple lambo came to a halt and backed up down the street,Inoticed the car stopped beside me, but i ignored it.

“Here kitty, kitty.” The man said in with a growl, rolling down his car window,Ilooked to my right. It was a man with bright green hair, a pale face and dark lips that was leaning out his window with a smile on his face.Iquickly looked away and walked faster, knowing who ‘the man’ was, but his car followed. There was a store nearby that was open, so went in there to feel safer.Ipeeped out the store window to see that the car was in park on the curb side, and the Joker whistling with hands in his pocket whilehemade his way to the entrance.Hewore a long purple coat with no shirt, black sweatpants, and black shoes.Iran to a tall shelf in the back of the store attempting to hide, thenIheard the door open. Looking from behind the shelf,Isaw the cashier run to a back door and the Joker started to laugh loudly. The Joker took his gun out of his holster, and shot the cashier. “Where are ya kitty? Ya can’t hide forever.”Heput the gun back into his holster, and walked past the dead cashier. The Joker was out of my sight soIdecided to move from behind the shelf thinking thathewas going to be close. AsIwas moving,Iaccidentally bumped the shelf to the wall causing a bag of chips to hit the ground. “Shit”Iwhispered, asIheard footsteps coming from a isle nearby. Swiftly and quietly,Imake my way to the front of the store. Suddenly,Ifeel a strong hand on my upper arm. It was the Joker. “Gotcha! It’s not nice whenyoutry to run away from daddy.”Hegrowled in my ear, then pointed a playful finger in my face. “You’ll look nice on daddy’s lap won’t ’cha?”

“Get off of me Joker!”Itried to wiggle my arm out of his grip but it wasn’t working. “Ah, ah, ah. You’re mine now.”Hepulled me towards him. There was a stapler nearby on the counter, soIgrabbed it and hit joker upside his head.Helet go of me and palmed his head whileIturned away and ran for the door.Imade it outside and ran down the sidewalk. Looking back asIran,Isaw joker running after me.Imade it halfway down the street whenIturned and ran up a long dark driveway. “I thinkIlost him.”Imurmured, sliding my back down a wall ending up in a sitting position, panting. “You got a lotta heart kitty. Doyouput in this much effort in the bedroom?” Joker stood at the end of the driveway.Hepaused then started to laugh hysterically. “What doyouwant from me joker?Ididn’t do anything toyouor anyone, so what’s the problem here?”Isaid, standing up to face him. “No problem…Ijust saw your sexy ass, andIwanted to haveyouthat’s all.”Heraised his hands in the air. “You can’t always get whatyouwant!”Iyelled at him out of anger, and that was the worst thingIcould’ve done. “Is that so…?” The joker turned away from me then ran up the driveway.Itried to run away, but there was no where to go…Iwas trapped. Asheran,Ipicked up a rock and tried to throw it at him buthedodged and grabbed my Y/H/C hair, pulling me down the driveway then on the sidewalk.Istruggled with him ashecontinued to drag me, heading for his car.Heplaced his other hand on my neck and choked me against the car whileheopened the door. “Please! No!”Iplaced my hand over his, trying to loosen his grip. Thenheput his gun to my head, and threw me in his car.Heclosed and locked the door, then went to the other side to get in. The joker started the car, and sped down the vacant street.Isat in the passengers seat crying, and grabbing my neck.

“W-Where areyoutaking me?”Isaid, whimpering. “You’ll see… But for now you’ll be a good girl and stop crying.”Ilooked over at him. “What ifIdon’t, huh?”Hestopped the car suddenly, sending my face forward hitting the dashboard.Ibrought my head up and held my nose. “Don’tyouDARE talk back to me, got it!”Heyelled, darting an angry look at me and beginning to drive again.Iwiped blood from my nose and stayed quiet the whole entire ride.

A/N: Hey guys! This is my second fan fic soIjust wanted to do a joker x reader.Ihope you’re liking it so far. :)


written by user jiminiums taken from ‘BABY MAMA | pjm’


PARK JIMIN HATED a number of things but surprises were definitely at the top of the list. anything that involved him being unprepared was, without question, not welcome. this was why no one ever threw him a surprise party. not thatheminded. the first and last time anyone tried to throw him one was whenhewas twelve.hehad walked in, nearly had his heart burst out from the shock of the yell of surprise, stared at everyone as they beamed at him before turning around and walking back out of the room. no one could convince him to return and his twelfth birthday party had taken place without him. and now herehewas, getting the biggest surprise in his twenty five years of life. one jean clad leg twitched underneath the table as his fingers tapped against his knee compulsively in a repeated pattern. “areyousure about what you’re saying?”heasked between clenched teeth.hewas feeling a whirlwind of emotions.hewas tired of getting hit with surprises everywhereheturned. first it was his father telling himhewould be retiring soon and wanted jimin to take over the entire business. and then his mother suddenly began to talk about getting married and kept trying to set up him on dates with the daughters of her friends. and now this.hestared at namjoon intently, waiting for his reply. his hands were beginning to get clammy with anticipation.hewiped them against the jean fabric covering his thighs. “dude, i saw her yesterday with a kid. and when i asked hoseok,hetold me it was her kid.” kim namjoon answered seriously. “hoseok?” jimin gulped. if jung hoseok had confirmed it, then it had to be true. after all,hewas the best friend to jimin’s ex girlfriend, han jangmi. a frown formed on his face just at the thought of the woman.helicked his lips asherecalled the girlhehadn’t seen in more than four years. running a hand through his hair,helet out a small groan. “hyung, why didyoutell me this?” “i thoughtyoumight like to know.” namjoon’s shoulders moved in a shrug. “that she’s moved on and even has a kid now?” jimin crinkled his nose. “jimin, the kid looked around three or four.” namjoon stated pointedly.

“what has that-?” jimin paused just as his friend sent him a pointed look. his heart rate suddenly picked up asherealised what namjoon was trying to tell him. “hyung, areyoutrying to say that it’s my child?” his voice rose a decibel.hestrained to keep himself in check and glanced around to see if anyone at the coffee shop had heard him. no one seemed to be paying them any attention.heturned his gaze back to his friend. “it’s possible.” namjoon said. “you two broke up around that same time. and then she disappeared for a long while.”headded. “it’s not my child. she would have told me if she had a baby.” “would she really have?” namjoon gave him a look. jimin paused at that. whenhebroke up with her, she had made it clear that she no longer wanted to have anything to do with him.hewas also guilty of saying a few pretty cruel words himself. “could she really be that cunning as to have my child and not tell me?”hemuttered more to himself than to namjoon. “you’ll never know untilyouask her.” his friend replied. “but i don’t know where to find her.” “you’re the son of park myungsoo,youcan find her.” namjoon stated. “hyung,youseem to have forgotten how she seemed to have been wiped off the face of the planet when we broke up.” jimin reminded him. “yes, but now she’s back in seoul. it’s different.” the back of jimin’s hand rubbed the tip of his nose beforeheran it through his black hair ashethought deeply. his mind was reeling.hereally did hate surprises and namjoon possibly just dropped the biggest bomb of jimin’s life. buthewas going to have to find out from the horse’s mouth if she really did have a child for him without his knowledge.hewas definitely going to find jangmi and ask her himself if it was the last thinghedid. “maybe, just maybe…i-i have a kid?” jimin considered the possibility thathewas the father to a childhedidn’t even know and his fingers twitched nervously.hehad to know.
☀☀☀ so what doyouguys think? i haven’t proofread this yet so ifyouspot some errors, don’t be afraid to point them out ❤ - t update: please, no more j-horse jokes in the comments, please. jimin’s thought process was in no way referring to hoseok and is simply an idiom used to say thathewas going to find out from jangmi herself the actual truth of the matter. so please, please and please, let’s put a lid on the j-horse/horseok jokes, thank you.